Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2011 Rush :: Cupcake Decorating

Q: How do I join your sorority?
A: First, you must be a CSUN undergraduate student enrolled in a minimum of 6 units or a graduate student enrolled in a minimum of 3 units. At the beginning of the semester during rush, potential new members must complete PREP and attend at least one info session to be eligible for a bid.

Q: What are some requirements to be a member? Do I have to be a lesbian/bisexual/transgender individual?
A: We emphasize an accepting and open environment to all people and welcome straight allies with open arms as well as those who identify with the LGBT+ community. To remain an active member, however, you do have be a current undergraduate student at CSUN enrolled in a minimum of 6 units, must maintain a GPA  of 2.1 or above, and have your membership dues paid up-to-date.

Q: Who can come to the recruitment events?
A: Anyone! Bring your friends, significant others, siblings, children, or anyone you think may be interested in our sorority! Attending recruitment events does not mean you are required to join, so just come to have fun! Note: Attending the info session and picking up your bid does indicate a level of commitment; these events are intended for people joining this semester.

Q: What are membership dues?
A: This semester dues will equal $275 for active members and slightly less for potential new members.  Dues cover membership for one semester. This will pay for our sorority’s insurance, our dues to the Independent Greek Council, GRL National dues, and some minor expenses the sorority has (events, t-shirts, etc). All members have the option of a payment plan to pay off their dues over the course of the entire semester.

Q: How is your sorority different from other sororities?
A: While we still have traditional aspects of the Greek system – we are recognized under CSUN’s Independent Greek Council and participate in Greek events– we are also unique from other sororities. We are much smaller than other Greek organizations at CSU Northridge, but our smaller numbers provide for an intimate family experience that builds strong connections between members.

Q: What time commitment is required to be a member?
A: Active members are expected to attend the business meeting every Monday from 7-9pm. These are strictly required for all members and are only excused in cases of illness, emergency, work, or school conflict. During the New Member process, there will be New Member Education classes once or twice a week for one or two hours at a time determined by the class.  If you have a busy schedule, don’t think you can’t join. We are willing to work with you; we’re busy people too.

Q: What is your involvement with the community?
A: We are connected to the Women’s Research and Resource Center, Transgender Law Center, AIDSWalk, and Cuties Coffee Bar.

Q: I am not ‘out’ to my family, or to anybody else in the CSUN Community. Can I still join?
A: We are welcoming of anyone who is seeking a family at CSUN. Coming out is a personal journey, and it is your decision if and when to tell your family. What we can offer is support for when you do decide to come out; many of our members can testify that relying on our siblinghood when coming out to family can make it all easier.


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